User Manual

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Create Account

In order to start using the app, you must create an account which will be used to sign in. Apart from the generic details (name, surname, email, password, etc) you must also input the supplier code to default your requested supplier, Activation codes are linked with suppliers, so once you input a code from a particular supplier, all relevant promotions and adverts of that supplier will be shown on the app. You can leave the supplier code empty and the app will default to the current default supplier. The default supplier can be changed from the Supplier option in the main menu of the app. The inputted email and password are used to sign in. The app also give you the opportunity to sign in using Facebook or Google.

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Notice Board

Once you sign in successfully, the notice board is the default screen the app shows. This screen is split in three sections; Recommended for you, Notifications and Featured Adverts. All of these sections are tied to the current supplier, which was set when you entered the activation code. You can see more promotions, notifications and adverts by swiping to the left.

Clicking on a promotion or advert will open the selection that shows more details. If you select a promotion, a detailed description is shown together with the expiry date, number of points received when used, terms and conditions, and also a list of outlets where this can be redeemed. Clicking on an outlet will show its address, contact numbers, location and opening hours amongst other things. Once you decide to use this promotion, you have a set amount of time to go to one of the listed outlets and redeem the promotion by providing the promotion code shown in the app.

Selecting an advert will show more information and you can also mark the advert as interested or put it in your starred list. Both promotions and adverts can be sent to your friends.

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Shop Window

The Shop Window has four features accessible via a secondary menu. These are:


The first option which is shown by default will list all featured adverts for the selected supplier. Swiping to the left shows more featured adverts. Just like in the Notice Board, selecting an advert gives you more details on where this can be used and you can also mark the advert as interested or put it in your starred list. Underneath these featured adverts, a list of all adverts grouped by category is shown. You can click on a category to drill down all adverts linked with the selected category. Clicking again on the same category will close the drill down menu.

List of Shops

The second option in the Shop Window section is the List of Shops. This shows a list of all outlets grouped by category. Selecting a category will drill down a list of outlets and selecting a particular outlet will show you all the required details such as address, telephone number, email address, opening hours, Google location, etc.

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The third option shows all active promotions for the selected supplier which are not yet expired, utilised or starred. Just like the other promotions on other screens, selecting a particular promotion will show you the promotion in more detail.


The last option gives you the opportunity to leave feedback for the supplier or else book an appointment (if this is provided by the selected supplier). The app lets you interact with your favorite suppliers!

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Community Page

The Community Page is split in three sections depending on what you choose:

Friend Offers

In this option the app shows a list of promotions and adverts sent to you by your friends. This list is grouped by supplier and you can drill down to show the respective promotions and adverts for the selected supplier. Selecting one of these promotions/adverts will show you all details as in other areas of the app.

Global Offers

New promotions and adverts from starred suppliers are shown in this section. This section is grouped by supplier as well. You just need to drill down the supplier and view the list of promotions and adverts. Interacting with any of them shows all the details of the selected promotion, even if it is not of the selected supplier.

Near Me

When the Proximity Switch is switched on, you will be shown a list of promotions from all suppliers in the area of your current location. Location Mode on your mobile phone must be enabled for this option to work.

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Download our mobile app

Root2reapp can be downloaded from one the main mobile operating system stores. Please select your phone's application provider to download the App.