Build Your Own Community And Reap The Rewards

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Build your own community and reap the rewards
  • User Friendly

    root2reapp is an adaptable, easily operated application allowing you to benefit from various offers.

  • Promotions

    We will notify you of promotions of those suppliers that interest you; the ones that you have flagged.

  • Notifications

    News! All that has gone on since your last log in.

  • Responsive Design

    Go through our screens effortlessly.

  • Adverts

    New stocks in store - new store in town.

  • Proximity

    Save time – you’ll know where to shop for the best deals.


Take a look at some of the app's intuitive screens


The following is a guide to help you get the best out of our app.

Create Account

In order to start using the app, you must create an account which will be used to sign in. Apart from the generic details (name, surname, email, password, etc) you must also input the activation code to activate the app. The inputted email and password are used to sign in. The app also give you the opportunity to sign in using Facebook or Google. More details

Notice Board

Once you sign in successfully, the notifications screen is the default screen the app shows. This screen is split in three sections; Recommended for you, Notifications and Featured Adverts. These are all tied to the currently selected supplier. More details

Shop Window

The Shop Window has four features accessible via a secondary menu. These are:


The first option which is shown by default will list all featured adverts for the selected supplier. Underneath these featured adverts, a list of all adverts grouped by category is shown. You can click on a category to view all adverts linked with the selected category.

List of Shops

The second option in the Shop Window section is the List of Shops. This shows a list of all outlets grouped by category. Click on a particular outlet will show you all the required details such as address, telephone number, email address, opening hours, Google location, etc.


The third option shows all active promotions for the selected supplier which are not yet expired.


The last option gives you the opportunity to leave feedback for the supplier or else book an appointment (if this is provided by the selected supplier). More details

Community Page

The Community Page is split in three sections depending on what you choose:

Friend Offers

In this option the app shows a list of promotions and adverts sent to you by your friends. This list is grouped by supplier and you can drill down to show the respective promotions and adverts for the selected supplier. Selecting one of these promotions/adverts will show you all details.

Global Offers

New promotions and adverts from starred suppliers are shown in this section.

Near Me

When this option is switched on, you will be shown a list of promotions from your starred suppliers in the area of your current location. Location Mode on your mobile phone must be enabled for this option. More details

Menu Functionality

From the main menu you can access a number of features and settings:


This option shows a list of all active suppliers offering promotions and adverts in the app. You can choose which suppliers you want to follow and also a default supplier. The default supplier is automatically loaded when you sign in the app.


The app also gives you the option to interact with your friends. You can add friends from Facebook who have installed the app.

My Promotions

This menu item is sub divided in four more options. Here you can view various information regarding your promotions and adverts, being redeemed, accepted or starred. A statistics option is also available to see how much points you have and at what level your user is:

     Redeemed Promotions and Adverts - List of all redeemed promotions and adverts marked as interested.

     Accepted Promotions - List of all promotions which were used.

     Starred Promotions and Adverts - List of all promotions and adverts that have been starred for attention.

     Statistics - This option shows various statistical information on the user such as the current user level and points gathered.


The Feedback feature gives you the opportunity to interact with the currently selected supplier. How you interact is decided by the supplier, this can be by leaving a message or by making an appointment.


Here you can modify a number of settings in the app.


The Help section gives you hints and tips on how to use the app in the best way possible. More details

Link to full user manual

Download our mobile app

root2reapp can be downloaded from one the main mobile operating system stores. Please select your phone's application provider to download the app.


root2reapp is an adaptable, easily operated app which informs you of special offers, allows you to benefit from them and keeps you updated of any news on the local market. Tell it where you are and it will point you to the best deals in that area! Let businesses know if you were satisfied and how they can offer a better service.

Reap the benefits of being a loyal customer with our points system and share offers with friends to earn more. Build your own community and reap the rewards.

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